Growing proportion of COVID deaths occur among vaccinated: analysis

Growing proportion of COVID deaths occur among vaccinated: analysis

What was once unthinkable – is now a reality.

One million Americans have now died from the coronavirus, according to an announcement made Thursday by President Joe Biden, marking a long-dreaded milestone for an incomprehensible tragedy.

Lauren Glassberg has more on the grim milestone.


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One thought on “Growing proportion of COVID deaths occur among vaccinated: analysis

  1. There’s hardly any likes on this new story and because Google doesn’t like the truth they hide how many people dislike it which is probably in the tens of thousands or more

  2. My cousin died of it because she had to take the jab for her job. She passed out every single shot and went into a coma her fourth shot and died 10 days later in the hospital.

  3. To channel Bill Maher ..

    New rule: You can't make the vax a barrier to social and economic engagement and then complain about that it's "politicized".

  4. If you were stupid enough to inject yourself with a rushed experimental product from known criminal pharmaceutical companies you deserve whats coming….

  5. Like the guy who died from covid after a head on crash on his motorcycle with a semi truck or the one that died from covid when he fell of his ladder and landed on his head…….

  6. Today it's well understood that they do nothing to stop/slow the spread, nothing to prevent sickness, and there is no evidence that they do anything to "lessen symptoms" either.

    So, what exactly is it that you believe the point of these drugs really is?

  7. Just more or less proves the vaccine does little to no good.if your think some strange clear liquid in a syringe is gonna save your u need your head examined very well I might add.

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