Covid-19 vaccine and nerve damage, is this you? Listen to Kim's story of Covid and the vaccine.

Kim’s story of nerve pain after COVID vaccines is not an isolated case. However Kim’s is the worst this doctor has seen and understand this is not an isolated case. Both myself and her neurologist have been evaluating and treating her. In the beginning she had minor nerve issues after getting COVID but after vaccinations and boosters she became much worse. The nerve pain she was having in her right leg has been eliminated and her drop foot significantly improved after nerve decompression of three nerve tunnels in her legs. How can this be? The idea is that she had preexisting compression ,tightness, of nerve tunnels in her leg and once she had the vaccines they may have effected the health of the nerves and therefore made the nerves more sensitive the compression. Her story begs the question! Why has native immunity been so disregarded? What is the basis for vaccinating after you had COVID? As Kim says she was going with the science. She shares her experience so that others may be made more aware of the vaccines. Please visit our website to learn more about our approach to your nerve pain issues.

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17 thoughts on “Covid-19 vaccine and nerve damage, is this you? Listen to Kim's story of Covid and the vaccine.

  1. University of Maryland Baltimore is conducting a global online study of mRNA vac injuries in conjunction with React19. People with vac injury are encouraged to participate.

  2. I have polyneuropathy ( sensory and motor, axon type)
    Both hands and feeet

    All test is negative no underlying illness all scan good… so they now think it’s due to vaccine since everything started 1 week after vaccine ( took early and have 3 doses) so looking for a long hard life now 🙁

  3. Thank you. I had bilateral leg pain/weakness about 15 days after Moderna booster after no problems after 3 Pfizer vaccines. No one believes me. I used to exercise daily and walk at least 5 km/day at age 78. My doctor said I could get my second booster but I am too nervous. Two years later, I am able to exercise with minimal pain/cramp in right leg but I can’t walk long distances yet as cramp/pain comes in both legs.

  4. I have very similar symptoms only its down my left side and they started after my second booster Phiser booster jab. My voice and swallowing food is also a problem. This has got me thinking that it could be related. No more jabs for me, not even a flu jab just in case they sneak some poison into it.

  5. these "vaccines" are one of the biggest crimes of humanity. best wishes to the woman. and thank you for the video.
    my life has been destroyed. i know many young prev healthy people with HEART diseases now. i can barely walk stairs due to heart injury. i have so many illnesses. double vision and fractured vision, autoimmune, heart injury, forgetting to breathe and intense pain. IM 28 AND WAS HEALTHY.

  6. And my family that also took the 2 shots of phyzer do not believe they are poison. My 30 year old daughter needs iron transfusions because of anemia and not absorbing iron. Her insurance won't cover it! None of us were sick until we took this garbage. Our own stupidity!!!

  7. Got 2 Pfizer shots in Sept 2021 because grandaughter was being born and I was sole caregiver. I really never thought our government was lieing to us! In Sept 2022 my hands had discoloration and red bumps under skin. Hospital gave me 3 different diagnosis and put me on extensive antibiotics in iv over night. I ended up angry after 3rd diagnosis and left hospital without permission. Went to rheumatoid Dr. He did extensive blood work but no rheumatoid arthritis, no lupus, no immune issues. He said my hips were deteriorated and I needed hip replacement. Had left one in March 2023. Now I need other one. Joints in hands and discoloration same. Dermatologist does not know why either. Went off all prescription drugs and on only vitamins and covid protocol. Never had covid. Don't trust Dr's anymore or government. Made a huge mistake taking this shi. And pure bloods as they call themselves say by 2025. All that took it will be dead. Praying that is Not true but who the fuc knows. The shots were poison!!!

  8. I cant understand her,im partially deaf & lipread. Why r u wearing a mask? You r further than 6 ft from anyone else. Its important info i want to hear.

  9. My boss at work had Bell's Palsy, facial paralysis on the left after the booster dose. She has been healthy all her life. It is still noticeable after all physical therapy. If you read the Pfizer documents, you'll know more about the Adverse Event of Special Interest (AESI) of their mRNA jab.

  10. I developed severe, full body joint pain and degeneration, and bowel problems within 30 days of getting the 1st shot and immediately following the pfizer booster vaccine. I also began having severe bowel issues that progressed until i couldno longer use them and wasnt able to eat and was confined to a liquid pharmaceutical 'shake' in order to barely meet my nutritional needs.

    Since then ive had to have 2 hip surgeries and just found out i need one on my ankle. Tendonosis, tendon ruptures and tears, and cartilage ruptures and tears. And my Gastroenterologists have talked aboutthe possibility of bowel resection surgery(So it appears the vaccine and virus attacked my joint tissues and digestive system)

    Ive sait it all along…it all began with the vaccine!!

  11. She not share much i have the injury since july 21 2021one day after second shot had black soup com ing out of bowels after 4 months went to doc and they did tests on it came back normal how can that be. Many other symptoms followed brain fog way too tired now i have relef from all the symptoms but now my knee hurts like heck had to get cane pain oh my gosh waiting for xray results when will this crap stop the second vac was injected into my left bone hurt like hell yelled in pain first time i ever got a jab in my bone it has been 2 years since symptoms have been going on it is now august 2023

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