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Heftige vaccinatieschade in beeld: Arlette Adriani op bezoek bij slachtoffer van corona-prik

Kijk de hele uitzending: Word lid: Doneer: Kijk Ongehoord Nieuws: Volg onze social media accounts: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: […]

Covid-19 vaccine and nerve damage, is this you? Listen to Kim's story of Covid and the vaccine.

Kim’s story of nerve pain after COVID vaccines is not an isolated case. However Kim’s is the worst this doctor has seen and understand this […]

Thousands lining up for compensation, claiming the COVID vaccine made them sick | 7NEWS

Australians are collecting big compensation payouts over COVID vaccines. One Victorian has been awarded $2.2 million, and a Melbourne man is fighting for a multi-million […]

Joe Rogan: Pharma DESPERATE To Blame Vaccine Injury On ANYTHING ELSE; 16K+ Report Tinnitus After Jab

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to a new finding that thousands of people are reporting symptoms of ‘life-altering’ tinnitus after taking the covid-19 […]