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Growing proportion of COVID deaths occur among vaccinated: analysis

What was once unthinkable – is now a reality. One million Americans have now died from the coronavirus, according to an announcement made Thursday by President Joe Biden, marking a long-dreaded milestone for an incomprehensible tragedy. Lauren Glassberg has more on the grim milestone. READ MORE: Check out more Eyewitness News – NEW…

Covid-19 Vaccine Injury Compensation Schemes: Comparative Perspectives

This event examined critically the provision made for the small numbers of those who have suffered adverse reactions after administration of one of the Covid-19 vaccines. The focus of this event was on the compensation schemes established at a national and international level (including the COVAX / GAVI scheme) to provide compensation and support for…

Vaccine Damage Bill: ‘I don't think a lot of my colleagues are taking it seriously’

‘I don’t think a lot of my colleagues are taking it seriously’ Sir Christoper Chope OBE discusses his new Vaccine Damage Bill on Dewbs & Co. Subscribe to the GB News YouTube channel: Watch on TV: Freeview 236, Sky 515, Virgin 626 Listen on DAB+ Radio Download the GB News App to watch live…

Bert Brandsma bij BLCKBX Today van 25 mei 2022, over bemoeienis VWS op OMT adviezen.

Bekijk de gehele uitzending op: Bert Brandsma voor de derde keer bij BLCKBX.TV, met Sanae Orchi, Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit. en Flavio Pasquino.