Florida doctor’s death after receiving COVID-19 vaccine sparks investigation


  1. wesNYC - Beantwoorden

    Look at that normie, docile face, that hint of confidence and cynical wit is like a cherry on the top. Rip poor devil

  2. O WTF 4am - Beantwoorden

    Terrible outcome.
    My condolences to his family.
    Two years later and its still happening.
    Good luck to all whom have been tricked into taking this vaccine.

  3. Neighbor - Beantwoorden

    They say if you didn't drop from the vaccine within a couple of weeks of getting it, you should be fine. Its been two years since the jab and most ppl are doing fine. Let's hope it continues this way. To think that billions of ppl would drop from this, is scary.

  4. NFT shiller - Beantwoorden

    so it takes a doctor to die for them to investigate?????????????????// not that i care I never got the sheep jab I am not weak nobody tells me what to do but the fools that got the jab will live a life with unknown stroke and heart attack risk bad news these are the same people that tried to kill me and force me to get the jab it did not work you will not break me down i will live and you will die

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